Infrastructure -


1. Painting Exhibition Hall

  • Abhijnanashakuntalam - Kalaveethika
  • Exhibition of the Selected painting and sculpture exhibits based on the works of Kalidasa in traditional and folk style. This hall is given on rental basis also.

2. Theatres

  • Bharatavishala open air Theatre                                                  
  • It is Mainly used for the cultural programmes of Kalidasa Samaroha and other important functions. In samaroha the programmes of Samskrit and regional plays, dance-dramas, classical dances and musical programmes performed on this huge stage. The area of this stage is 60x40 and the capacity of this theatre is above 10,000 audience. Given on rental basis also
  • Abhiranga - A Proscenium Theatre
  • Short and experimental Sanskrit and Hindi plays are staged here. The area of the stage is 40x20 and the capacity of this theatre is above 200 audience. Given on rental basis also.
  • Lokmanch Theatre
  • It is meant for the folk style plays like Bharatari, Raja Vikram, Tejaji ki Katha and so on. The area of the stage is 30x15 and the capacity of this theatre is above 500 persons. Given on rental basis also.

3. Auditoriums -

  • Raghuvansham -
  • This auditorium is mainly meant for Academic lectures, seminars, simposiums, lecture-demonstrations and poets-meet. The area of this auditorium is 40x40 and the capacity is 150 persons. Given on rental basis also.
  • Meghdootam -
  • This hall is meant for the small gathering for seminars and  various presentations etc.
  • RituSamharam -
  • For a close meeting and can accommodate about 50 person.

4. Guest House & Dormitory

  • Athiti Niwas & Dormitory -
  • The honourable guests of Akademi stay here at the time of functions and also used for rental purpose. Guest house of 4 rooms with attached bathroom and relevant facility. Dormitory at upstairs with 19 independent cabins.

 5. Library - Akademi has Approx. 5000 books on the following subjects :

  • On Kalidasa
  • Printed text, Sanskrit commentary and Hindi, English Translations & Criticism.
    The Work done at abroad on the works of Kalidasa and on other poets
    Translation of the works of Kalidasa in different Indian and foreign languages.
  • On Art forms
  • The books on painting and sculpture, Dance, Music and theatre, architecture.
  • Sanskrit Literature
  • General History of Sanskrit Literature, Vedic Literature, Ancient and Modern Poetry and Drama, Natyashastra, Kavyashastra, Vyakaranashastra, Dharmashastra, Religion and philosophy, Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Books in Hindi and English on various subjects. 
6.Collection -
  • Manuscript Collection (Pandulipi Samgrahalaya) -
  • 100 Manuscript in Devnagari script on various subjects.
  • Collection of Audio Video Cassettes -
  • Akademi have organised Kalidasa Samaroha since 1979 and also done documantation of its important programmes on a collection of audio and video cassettes.
  • Photo Albums -
  • About 12 photo albums covering the different programmes of Kalidasa Akademi especially Kalidasa Samaroha.
  • Musical Instruments -
  • Akademi has the following musical instruments for the purpose of its cultural programmes : Veena, Sitar, Tanpura, Ektara, Santoor, Swaramandal, Hansapadika, Tabla, Dagga, Dholak, Chung, Deru, Damru, Nagara, Pakhawaz, Cong, Jhanjh, Tashe, Ghantal, Chinese Bell, Harmonium.
  • Collection of Costumes -
  • Akademi has a good collection of different costumes usable in classical sanskrit theatre and folk theatre.