Rules and regulation for the Painting And Sculpture Competition -


The painting and sculpture competition is based on the artist's original and creative expression of the artistic perception of Kalidasa. The exhibit is required to be prepared in Traditional Indian Painting style or sculpture in traditional conventional style or Traditional Indian Folk Art style. It would, therefore, be obligatory for the artist to mention the Traditional Indian Conventional Style or Traditional Indian Folk-style in the entry form.

Subject : (for Kalidasa Samaroh - 2007)



Meghadutam of Kalidasa is an internationally well known Poetic composition. In this Drama the artistic perceptions of Kalidasa have attained an unparalleled level of perfection. Artists may base their creation on any imagery or a description portrayed in his work. Although inspired by the artistic perception of Kalidasa, the artists are expected that it should be an original and fresh creation.

Traditional Indian Conventional Style means all the traditional conventional forms of Painting and Sculpture that are prevalent and have survived in various traditions of Indian Art.

Traditional Indian Folk Art Style means all the Traditional Folk forms of Paintings and Sculpture that are prevalent and have survived in various Folk Traditions of Indian Art.

Below the every painting or sculpture that stanza must be written or engraved on the basis of which exhibit has been submitted.


Five Prizes (Rs. Fifteen Thousand each) :

    For painting exhibits            -            Four Prizes

    For sculpture exhibits            -            One Prize

There shall be five prizes only and no other prizes or appreciation certificates etc. will be awarded.

Kalidasa Akademi is authorised to purchase the awarded exhibits offering not more then 30% of the amount of the prize or proposed price of the painting by the artist whichever  is less but it will not compulsary to purchase the exhibit.


The exhibits must not exceed 1x1 meter in size in any case.

Painting should have durable frame without the glass.

Sculpture exhibits should generally be made of durable material such as stone, marble metal or wood only.

More than two exhibits will not be accepted for the competetion.

Any Painting or Sculpture displayed in any earlier Exhibition will not be accepted.

Recipients of the year 2000 awards will not be entitled for the award this year.

Exhibits marked 'Not for competition' will not be considered for awards but may be included in the process of selection for the exhibition.

Kalidasa Akademi shall have the right to printing and utilize accepted for the Exhibition.

Akademi has the right to reject any exhibit if rules are duly not fulfilled.


jury of experts constituted by Kalidasa Akademi will select the exhibits for the Exhibition and Awards. Decision of the Jury will be final and binding.

Jury may withhold a certain prize for want to desired standard, but the amount of award shall remain indivisible.

In the case of any type of dispute arises the judicial jurisdiction of court will be UJJAIN (M.P.)


Enclosed Schedule should reach the Akademi by the Thursday, Incomplete Schedules would not be acceptable.

Mention of style and quote requisite reference (Act and Stanza or dialogue etc.) along with the signature of the artist in the Schedule is obligatory.

Entry Fee

Entry fee of Rs. Forty through Bank Draft only in favour of Kalidasa Akademi, Ujjain should be enclosed with the Schedule, in the absence of which the Schedule will not be accepted.


A brief Bio data with the photograph  of the artist must be attached with the Schedule. The present and permanent address with telephone number written ligibly or typewritten must be sent compulsorily.

Last Date

Exhibit must be deposited personally or through a representative. The same may be despatched by rail, road transport or courier or post but the last date for the receipt of exhibit is ... Depositing the exhibit shall be the responsibility of the artist.


Exhibit must have two labels, one pasted on the back side of the exhibit and the other tagged to it with a string.


Artists in their own interest may get the exhibit insured. Akademi would take every possible care for proper upkeep and safety of the exhibit, but under no circumstances Akademi would be liable to any damage to the exhibit.

Exhibits will be packed and returned to the artists in the same case in which they were received as far as possible within two months after the exhibition provided that the artist has already paid Rs.100/- (Rupees Hundred) for one exhibit and Rs. 150/- (Rupees One Hundred Fifty) for two exhibits through Bank Draft on in favour of Kalidasa Akademi, Ujjain and which should compulsorily be received by the Akademi along with the Entry Fee. Due to some unavoidable reasons reasons if an exhibit could not be sent with in the stipulated time. the collection of exhibit shall be the responsibility of the artist. In such cases the money will be refunded which deposited for sending back the exbibit.

Distribution of Awards

Awards will be distributed in the valedictory function of the Kalidasa Samaroha at Ujjain. Artists invited to receive the awards will be provided the local hospitality and first class rail fare for their journey.